Touring kayaks and sea best cheap kayak

Touring kayaks are designed according to their name for longer tours on calmer shallow water. If you enjoy the vastness of lakes and seas and larger rivers, then a touring kayak with a double paddle is your choice.

The generic term touring kayaks also are often touring kayaks counted: all-round talents with broad application purposes, however, come up against their limits at sporting ambitions. To this end, hiking kayaks, especially for beginners, offer a tip-proof, comfortable alternative, which is characterized by padded seats and plenty of legroom.

Sea kayaks, on the other hand, are intended for open waters with more intense waves and experience of high winds, which should always be supplemented with appropriate safety equipment.

Both touring kayaks and sea kayaks are designed to cover long distances; this is made possible by the design, which provides high speeds in energy-saving gliding. The design of the touring kayaks is usually characterized by a raised bow and stern area so that safety remains guaranteed. Sea kayaks are designed to be significantly flatter in order to offer little wind resistance.

Touring kayaks: space for expeditions

Touring kayaks are usually longer and somewhat narrower than all-purpose touring kayaks; their length is between 4.5 and 5 meters. The seats in the interior are mostly upholstered and designed for an ergonomic but sporty posture. In any case, it is best to have continuously adjustable footrests (for individual driver adjustment) and thighrests. Cup holders, rotating backrests and the like are added as a luxury.

The storage space of the touring kayak should also be geared towards multi-day tours. Here the models differ; If necessary, you can find touring kayaks with a luggage capacity of up to 150 l. Touring kayaks should of course be manoeuvrable, but they should also be on the right track in order to make long, effortless gradients. They are not quite as stable as touring kayaks, but their ultimate stability allows many experiments and techniques.

Sea kayaks: the open water is calling

There is often a smooth transition from touring best cheap kayak to sea ​​kayak . Equipped with a skeg or steering system, some touring kayaks quickly become seaworthy. However, if you mainly want to sail the sea, it is worth buying a special sea kayak. Sea kayaks are longer (five to five and a half meters) and narrower than touring kayaks; they have a control system and bilge pump as standard.

The decisive factor for sea kayaks is their weight, which is determined by the material. This is where the balancing act lies: the PE, which is often used for kayaks, is robust but heavy, laminated fiberglass or Kevlar / carbon boats are optimally light, but significantly less impact-resistant. Here individual priorities have to decide: are you ready to treat your sea kayak carefully and to drive gently while driving and especially when taking off and landing – or would you rather take more weight into account when transporting, but are also for areas with sharp ones Rocks and high salinity well prepared.

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